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Olivier de Cayron

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Thierry: (FR) (33) 6 66 90 25 89
Ilene: (US) (33) 7 82 15 57 90

(33) 6 15 02 44 75

Olivier de Cayron
« Cofounder of the movement Transfiguring and Transfiguring Optico-Narratif, director of the magazine Art-Scenes, and organizer of contemporary art events for more than 25 years, I have been questioning for many years visual photography and the relationship to images. I work from the angle of experimentation, construction and deconstruction, intuition and abstraction. And above all, on the relationship between the image close to reality, and the unconscious elaboration of the artist, who, thanks to visual effects, the metamorphosis, to be only a mental approach to what was once a realistic object.

My visual-art photographies, reworked on the computer, and over which I put a plate of plexiglass covered with the same image or other images in micro-perforated, relate to the urban: the city, the human, and the complex relationships between them. The rendering is a multi-dimensional painting, which transcribes my intimate and intuitive vision of the world. My plastic system is close to optical art and 3D.

So I work on urban architecture, « the world we live in ». But also on my own ability to analyze the spaces around me and what I can then create from this relationship between what I see and my mind. My artistic research has always focused on the importance of construction, rhythm, symmetry, depth: multidimensional tables, mirror images, similar images that are repeated, geometric division of space directly into visual-plastic photography or allowed by plexiglass, specific colors and frank (red, yellow, blue, green), geometric shapes (circles, rectangles, squares, bands, bubbles) … But also transparency, what is immediately revealed, and what who is hiding.

Principales expositions internationales

Institut Français de Rabat 2015
Galerie Artima 2010
Galerie Olivier Waltman Paris 2016
Judi A Saslow Gallery Chicago 2008
Attis Art Gallery Washington 2009
Galerie Parkuis Rotterdam 2010
Art Miami Miami 2012

Principales parutions et interviews

CNN Istanbul 2006
Art absolument numéro 76 2017
Miroir de l’Art. 10 artistes pour les 10 ans d’Art up 2 2017
Biscaine Time Miami 2011
Art O Jornal Sao paulo 2008
Magazine des arts 2014
Beaux arts 1990

Noir et Blanc dans l’Art actuel Galerie Michel Broomhead 1990
Ouvrage répertorié à la bibliothèque du centre Pompidou Edition Alkent Art Gallery Istanbul 2004
23 artistes et une souris Galerie Artima Paris 2010
Catalogue Transversalité 2010